100% Success Rate

The primary reasons why potential investors select us to help them subscribe to the US EB-5 program are because our focus is on helping our investors:

  • To obtain and keep their US permanent residency status
  • Preserve their capital investment

It is for these reasons that:

  • We have a 100% success rate in terms of approval on investors receiving their conditional and unconditional US permanent residency status, and getting their investment monies returned
  • Our success rate has lasted over 10 years
  • Over 3000 investors have invested in our projects
Our Partner

Most regional centers in the US offering projects to potential investors were established after the US financial crisis of 2008. Their primary focus is to raise money for their own projects. It is not to secure the investor’s permanent residency.

We work with CanAm Enterprises LLC, a New York based firm that has more than 25 years of experience in promoting and administering private and government immigration-linked investment funds. In 1987, CanAm had its beginning in Canada’s Business Immigrant Investment Program (BIIP). Over the next 15 years, CanAm raised approximately CAD $270 million (equivalent to USD $192 million) from over 1,400 qualified investors. Based on its success in Canada, CanAm became the exclusive representative for the Provinces of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

In 2002, CanAm shifted its focus to the U.S. Immigrant Investor Program (EB-5 Visa Program). Partnering with the City of Philadelphia, CanAm established its first Regional Center in 2003. Since then, it has had designated or reaffirmed six Regional Centers that have cumulatively raised $1.4 billion in EB-5 capital for more than 40 projects, representing over 3,000 immigrant investor families.

Track Record

We advise potential investors that the two key indicators they should look at when selecting the projects for their investment are the track record of the managers of the regional centers in terms of:

  • I-829 approvals: This is where the investor needs to submit the job creation documents; necessary for the waiver of conditions on his 2 years green card and it is renewed on an unconditional basis. The worst thing for an investor is to have moved to the US and lived there for 2 years, only to have to return to his home country because his project did not fulfil the conditions in terms of jobs created.
  • Return of Investment: How many investors got their money back? This is also a strong indicator for an investor.

As of March 2014, we have over 1200+investors who have received their I-829 approvals and investors in over 21 projects whose monies have been returned.

Our Projects

Many regional centers only offer commercial real estate projects. We offer our investors a range of projects that include manufacturing, commercial real estate, infrastructure, energy and tourism, among others.

Project Quality

We follow stringent criteria when we select projects to offer to the investors:

  • We do not fund start-ups. All our project developers are companies with a very strong financial track record
  • All our investments are structured as loans to the project developers. Implying:
    • The project developers must meet strong underwriting criteria that a bank would expect a borrower to meet
    • We do not fund 100% of the project. The developer has to seek additional sources of financing for their project
  • The borrower must provide strong collateral to securitize the EB-5 loan so that there is recourse if the borrower were to default on their payments
  • We determine if the project will create more than the minimum 10 jobs needed per investor so that there is a buffer
Investment Sum

The minimum investment in our projects is $500,000. In addition, there is an additional fee of $48,000 to cover administrative costs, marketing and legal expenses associated with each unit of investment. This does not include attorney fees associated with the preparation and submission of the petition assumed by each individual investor.

All our EB-5 immigrant investors place their initial investment into an escrow account which is held in trust on behalf of the investor. If for any reason our investors do not get their initial I-526 approval, we return the lump sum of $500,000 plus the fee of $48,000 back to them. Many regional centers do not return the administration and processing fees to investors if their initial application is rejected.


The ROI for the investor is only interest income paid by the borrower. We advise our investors that our projects do not offer a significant return on their investment. We believe that projects that promise high returns to an investor are also riskier projects, and our focus is not on returns but on capital preservation and getting the investor their green cards.

Exit Strategy

The average investment term of our projects is typically 5 or 6 years, depending on the project.

The exit strategy for the investor is straightforward – at the end of the investment term, we repay the principal amount of $500,000 in one lump sum.