How To Apply

Determine Your Suitability

  • Contact us for more information on the program, including eligibility criteria, source of funds, available projects
    for investment etc.
  • Complete questionnaires to determine your suitability for the EB-5 program

Review Offering Documents

  • Receive detailed information memorandum about the project
  • Hire immigration attorney or your own representative to conduct due diligence on the project
  • If project is suitable, sign subscription agreement and remit funds to escrow account
  • Receive remittance confirmation from escrow bank

Submit I-526 Petition

  • Prepare the documents necessary to prove your source of funds
  • Retain immigration attorney to file your I-526 petition
  • Receive notification from USCIS on your application (8-12 months). If application is approved, proceed to next
    stage of EB-5 visa processing. If application is denied, investment funds will be returned to you

Consular Processing/Adjustment of Status

  • If you are based outside of the US, complete medical and security check and a consular interview will be scheduled. If you are currently in the US, your immigration attorney will submit application to adjust your visa status
  • Receive conditional green card, valid for 2 years

Submit I-829 Petition

  • Three months before the expiry of your conditional green card, your immigration attorney will submit I-829 petition to remove the conditions on your green card
  • Once I-829 is approved, receive permanent green card
  • Once term loan matures, principal will be returned to EB -5 immigrant investor
  • You can apply for US citizenship after being a permanent resident for 5 years. Your time as a conditional green card holder is counted in the 5 years